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R20 MED committed to the goal of “zero waste”

By PKB | 12th July 2016 | Updated at 04:07


| The R20 MED has been set up in 2013 in Oran (Algeria) and constitute a major asset of the territory of the Wilaya for the concretization of a green economy program.

A target for Oran : go towards “Zero Waste”

Intervene alongside local authorities, communities and local institutions, economic operators and civil society, the R20 operates in Oran as a facilitator to gradually reduce the quantities of waste going to landfill and providing entrepreneurs and investors opportunities to create profitable activities using recyclable materials. Oran aspires to be firmly committed to the goal of “zero waste”. For this, the necessary initial infrastructure is being set up, institutions and organizations are getting prepared, local and territorial actors integrating best practices. The population of Oran adopts, progressively, new habits and behaviors.

The household waste sorting operation : A flagship action in 2015

The launch, by the R20 MED, of the household waste sorting operation in two neighborhoods of Oran and the construction of a sorting chain at the main technical landfill center of the wilaya, instilled an interest in the recovery and recycling of waste and created a great enthusiasm for recycling among citizens and all actors of the waste management system. Information campaigns, education and training combined with a partnership approach are keys elements in the ongoing process. For local media, the household waste sorting operation in Oran constituted the environmental action highlight of the year 2015 in Algeria.


Compost production : an original and promising experience

A compost production pilot project with a capacity of nearly 15 t/week using organic waste and green waste is underway. The first compost production experiments were successful. A great attention is paid to the project by the Ministry in charge of the Environment and the Agriculture Sector which is, by far, the largest applicant.

The Centre For Eco-Construction Promotion of Oran: a unique experience in Algeria

Created in December 2014 by a decision of the Wali of Oran, the centre for eco-construction initiated by a number of actors including the R20 MED, is composed of fifteen institutions, administrations and public and local, but also national private organizations. The Centre aims to encourage operators and stakeholders of the construction sector to integrate measures for ecological and energy efficiency for buildings. Its main missions are the organization of consultations between the various local actors and institutions, the local government and national public and private organizations, the initiation and the development of demonstration projects in the field of eco-construction, organizing meetings, seminars and workshops on issues related to policy on energy and efficiency for buildings. The centre aims to increase opportunities in the field of sustainable building, more specifically the means of thermal insulation of buildings. In this context, several training sessions on energy efficiency have already been provided for the personnel of institutions and local administrations, realization companies, building professionals and local authorities. The action of The Centre For Eco-Construction Promotion of Oran can anticipate and prepare for a future in line with the global dynamics of energy efficiency and meet the strategic challenge of the ambitious commitment of Algeria in the field of climate change. A digital platform called « Construction21 Algérie » was also launched in November 2015 by the Centre, with the support of R20 to share good practices in the field of sustainable building and encourage sharing. In addition, the R20 MED leads, in educational title, a demonstration project of energy renovation of a primary school in order to duplicate it nationally.


A governance adapted to requirements

The R20 MED, in his approach, allowed the emergence of new governance structures for consultation and sustainable actions. Thus, and in addition to the Centre for Eco-Construction Promotion of Oran, we can mention the creation, of an institutional Waste Management Monitoring Committee of the Wilaya of Oran gathering twenty institutions, economic operators and territorial organizations. The committee is in charge of monitoring the sorting of household waste. Also SITOR (Système d’Information du Territoire d’Oran) has been officially settled as a scientific tool and geo referenced instrument of decision support.