Join the 20 Green Fund for Women

The R20 Green Fund for Women was created to facilitate the development of all climate change, education, training and research activities of the NGO R20 – Regions of Climate Action and other organizations and activist associations for the same purpose.


R20 fights for equal access for men and women to green jobs and clean energy technologies, better nutrition, water and energy security, and better access to natural resources. We also wants to promote the improvement of health standards at departmental levels around the world.

We contribute to the implementation of low-carbon renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to promote a sustainable green economy and better practices in sustainable development, public health, mobility, and the creation of jobs in a context of energy transition.

Bringing the R20 Green Fund for Women initiative means support women’s empowerment in the transition to a green economy.

Would you like to contribute to the development of our R20 Green Fund for Women and join our network of corporate sponsors?

You can write to us for more informations at the following email address :

By becoming a donor, companies benefit from tax advantages, according to the legislation in force.

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