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Club Med and Akuo implement sustainable tourism solutions

By TEAM R20 | 18th February 2021 | Updated at 09:02

A Greener World

| Akuo, an independent global renewable energy power producer and developer, and Club Med Punta Cana inaugurated the ICARE project composed of 25 Solar GEM© systems injecting renewable energy into the famous resort in this area of Punta Cana. 


First Caribbean resort investing in renewable energy The ICARE project has a 1.5 MWp power capacity thanks to the installation of 25 Solar GEM©s. The project will prevent 1 800 tons of CO2 emissions per year and will supply around 25% of the total demand of this important Club Med resort in the Caribbean. Punta Cana Club Med is the first resort to significantly invest in a clean and responsible future for its operations, implementing the Global Club Med Hotel commitments to fighting climate change. 


Akuo’s Solar GEM® technology combines convenience and durability The Solar GEM® technology is a containerized solution for solar energy production, thanks to its 200 pre-assembled and pre-wired photovoltaic panels. Fully mobile and portable, the Solar GEM® is a true “plug & play” solution, which is deployed in a record time of 30 minutes and folded away in 45 minutes. The Solar GEM® can, therefore, be relocated between spells of harsh weather conditions, providing protective solutions in territories with unstable environments. 


GEM solutions at the service of more a sustainable tourism industry The production of renewable electricity will enable the Club Med Punta Cana vacation resort to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, save on its energy bill, and meet the growing environmental expectations of its vacationers and of Club Med Group objectives. In addition, GEM solutions are scalable to meet growing needs, which could have a massive impact on making the tourism industry more sustainable. For the ICARE project, Akuo has signed a 15-year lease agreement with Club Med Punta Cana.  Eric Scotto, Chairman and Co-founder of Akuo, comments:


  • “Developing innovative solutions, such as Solar GEM®, is crucial to meet demand with tailored-made solutions. Offering more convenient and durable renewable energy is an objective for Akuo, and we are proud to offer this solution to Club Med Punta Cana. Its easy deployment, anti-cyclonic design, and innovative system makes it the perfect energy source anywhere in the world, even the most isolated zones. With this project, we hope to reach a broader audience in the tourism industry, helping it become more sustainable.”


Kevin Batt, VP of Operations & Development at Club Med North America, highlights:


  • “We are excited to team up with Akuo to bring renewable energy to Punta Cana. Due to tourism’s growing impact on the environment, and our long-standing footprint in Punta Cana, it’s important we ensure we are able to provide a long-term sustainable energy solution and also promote renewable energy sources with the hope of influencing others to do the same. Defined by our Happy to Care program, a range of sustainable commitments to the environment, we believe this will help pave the way to a more sustainable future.”