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100% of renewable energy for Cervecerìa Nacional Dominicana

By TEAM R20 | 30th March 2022 | Updated at 10:03

A Greener World

| The brewery has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Akuo for the construction of a solar energy park in the Hato Nuevo neighborhood 


In accordance with its efforts to initiate major societal transformations, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Akuo for the construction of the Matrisol solar plant.
This solar energy plant will be the first renewable energy production unit to supply the company with power, thus contributing, on its own scale, to the country’s transition to a more sustainable future. The park, which will be built in the Hato Nuevo neighborhood, will have a capacity of 53 MW and will thus reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50,000 tons a year. Furthermore, the park will revitalize the region’s economy through the creation of 550 direct jobs and more than 2,000 indirect jobs. 

Pursuant to this agreement, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana undertakes to purchase the majority of the energy produced by the solar park, thus guaranteeing the project’s viability. 

Fabián Suárez, the brewery’s President, stated that Cervecería has reached a major milestone by initiating the company’s transformation towards a more sustainable production model incorporating renewable energy, stating that “At Cervecería, we are ensuring that we take action. We are continuing to invest in progress, as we have done for almost 90 years, to foster major change”. 

Salvatore Longo, Akuo’s Country Manager for the Dominican Republic, added: “Thanks to this collaboration, we are demonstrating that private initiative – when driven by a collective effort – can serve the common good by fighting climate change”. 

The agreement was signed by Cervecería and Akuo in the presence of Mr. Alfonso Rodriguez, Deputy Minister of Energy, Mines, Industry and Trade, Mr. Antonio Almonte, French Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and Mr. Edward Veras, Director of the National Energy Commission in the Dominican Republic. 

This is the third project developed by the Akuo Group in this country, where it is the leading independent renewable energy producer, having previously commissioned the Pecasa wind farm in 2019 and a Solar GEM plant in 2020. The new solar park will be built with the support of GAM Capital and Banco Popular. 

The Dominican Republic is committed to transforming its energy mix, increasing the proportion of renewable energy to 25% by 2025, pursuant to Law 5707 on Incentives for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources and their Special Regimes. 

Cervecería Nacional Dominicana is reaffirming its desire to initiate the country’s transformation through strategic alliances that foster the creation of projects designed to build a future full of opportunity.